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Frequently asked questions about our outplacement services

The provision of assistance to employees in finding new employment through a specialist service. This can also include internal redeployment, a new role outside of the organisation, self-employment, interim or contract roles. We offer a wide range of services as well as outplacement support such as Pre-retirement, Redeployment Solutions and Managing Change and Developing Resilience.
Our projects range from 1 – 2,000+ people. We have the infrastructure to support both individuals and group programmes anywhere across the UK.
Our offices and consultants are based across the UK. From Brighton up to Aberdeen, we can deliver group and 1-1 services onsite at your company or in one of our local offices, anywhere in the UK.
Our workshops start as low as £82.50 + VAT per head. We provide the highest quality service at an affordable rate and offer a price match guarantee. Email or call us for a quote.
With a 98% success rate, individuals move forward quicker and more positively taking the pressure off you and your employees.
All services are tailored to the individuals. Most commonly they include advice on: CVs, interviews and today's job market. This can also include topics such as pre-retirement, self-employment and internal redeployment. All services are tailored to the seniority, length of service and roles of your employees, we appreciate that every organisation and every individual is different.
Yes. We can deliver our services immediately as soon as we have the contact details of your exiting employees.
Benefits to the Individual
  • Individuals are trained and prepared to achieve their desired outcomes.
  • Individuals are supported throughout the process and have an increased chance of success in their career path.
Benefits to the Organisation
  • Employees are now looking more positively at the situation and are focusing on the future.
  • Improved morale and confidence reduces negativity against the company.
  • Employees are more likely to see the change as an opportunity.
You shouldn’t be tied into an outplacement provider – that’s not usual. Many companies have a “preferred supplier” on their PSL list but that’s from the client side not the outplacement company’s side. An outplacement contact is never exclusive, you should always be able to try or move to another provider at any time.
You can always try our service on a one off basis and see the benefits we bring and the results for yourself. We don’t need any paperwork filling in, and there are no barriers to you trying out our services whenever a need arises.
Simply contact us, we’ll take a few details and deliver the service and you can see whether you’d then like to work with us again moving forward.
The way it works is that you give us the go ahead and contact details for the individual. We then call the individual and have a conversation about their current career situation, priorities and plans so that we match them to the right consultant locally. We always talk through the individual’s own personal career priorities so that we match a consultant who will be on the right wavelength and a good peer support for them.

If they have a CV currently, even a draft, we ask them to send it over as we forward it to their consultant to help them prepare for the first meeting. When we’ve had the initial conversation, which we do as soon as we hear from you with the go ahead, we speak to our consultant, get availability and book the first meeting in the diary and also forward passwords to the online resources.
With 1:1 programmes we only invoice for each person once they’ve had their first consultation. Even if we spoke to someone 3 times, they booked in and then cancelled their first consultation we wouldn’t invoice for them. It’s only once someone has started and had their first consultation that we invoice for them. If you send us 7 people and only 4 have the consultancy part of their programme we’d only invoice for 4 programmes. With group workshops / webinar we invoice for the workshop / webinar which is a fixed price for up to 12 people including 3 months support for all attendees. If you book one of these we charge for the workshop whether 3,7 or 12 people attend.
Our priority is to speak to the individual about their career situation and plans, match them to their consultant and arrange the service delivery. We invoice the company when the first meeting has taken place so usually when someone starts a programme they email us the invoice details – i.e. contact name, job title, company name and email address of the person to invoice.

We then set everything up for the individual and invoice the company when they’ve had the first session. We don’t invoice in advance.
We wouldn’t invoice before the service starts. We usually receive their contact details and have an initial call with the individual to agree their objective and timescale. If they decide not to start straight away, we schedule a call and phone them when they say they’ll be ready to begin their programme and pick things up from there.

We only invoice when the first meeting has taken place. If they have the full consultancy part of the programme and then take a break before they start their job search we’d invoice still when the consultancy takes place. If they don’t start the programme at all, we don’t invoice.


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